Consulting Services

creating a sales culture

Clients interested in improving their sales results will find valuable insight into what it takes to implement and, more importantly, sustain a sales culture.  Participants will learn the following:

  1. The keys to establishing a sales culture
  2. The commitment required from board and executive management
  3. The specifics of  implementing an effective  sales and sales management system
  4. The value of effectively communicating with one another and clients
  5. The value of expanding client relationships for improved profitability

This session can be customized to fit any client’s needs.  It can be presented in a one hour overview, in a one day session with in depth analysis of all of the components of creating a sales culture, or, for those clients looking to transform their organizations, it can be incorporated into an extended consulting engagement encompassing everything outlined above plus basic sales training, coaching skills, and the design and implementation of a sales management system.

leadership development

We offer two sessions addressing leadership development.  One can be presented in either a one hour overview for general audiences or in a half day session designed for boards and executive management.  The other is a full day workshop intended for boards and executive management.
The Art of Leadership is a unique session that analyzes the various keys to successful leaders.  This session can be presented in either a half day in depth analysis designed for executive management and boards of directors or condensed into a one hour overview for general audiences. 

Our full day workshop encompassing all aspects of leadership development and is designed for executive managers and boards of directors.  This workshop includes hiring, assessment, succession planning, and our very popular session entitled “The Art of Leadership”. 

Participants will come away:

  1. An understanding of the key skills required to be a great leader
  2. A plan for improving leadership throughout their organization
  3. An understanding of the need to adapt to constantly changing marketplace
  4. An understanding of how to facilitate change within your organization
  5. A listing of The 10 keys to Great Leadership

strategic planning

With over twenty years of experience in strategic planning, Bill White, walks our clients through the critical components of developing a realistic, actionable plan that allows participants to truly manage and plan for the current and future success of their businesses.
This session can be condensed or expanded to cover a half day, a full day, or a day and a half timeline depending on the needs of the client.

Participants will come away with the following:

  1. One, three, and five year planning templates
  2. One, three, and five year plans for their business that include accountability and timelines for results
  3. A detailed SWOT analysis of their business
  4. A thorough understanding of the critical importance of planning for the future of their business