Our Founder

Bill White

Bill White brings a unique blend of life and career experiences to the public speaking and corporate consulting arenas.  Throughout his career he has been a Banker, a Radio Talk Show Host, a Motivational Speaker, a Business Consultant, a CEO, and an Entrepreneur.  These experiences have helped him develop a series of keynote addresses and professional development sessions that are motivational, inspirational, and educational.  Some of his most popular topics are:

  • The Art of Leadership
  • Life Happens
  • What can you do when your dreams come true… and it’s not quite like you planned?
  • Sales Management:  If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist!!!
  • The story of Independence…How to buy a bank without any money.
Bill’s passion is helping businesses and individuals become successful for life.  In fact, his own life and career are a testament to his philosophy that everyone can be a champion for life.

Bill’s inspiring life story is filled with examples of a young child, a teenager, and a young business professional facing numerous challenges, overcoming them all, and still becoming the champion he always wanted to be.